Helpful Student-Centered Classroom Management Tips

Hello All!

I found a website called Teflnet and I found it to be really helpful. It provides numerous tips for creating a learner-centered classroom. One point in particular that I found to be interesting was when the article says that the students should choose the punishment for bad behavior (tip #5). I think too often teachers are too quick to punish their students harshly and by allowing the students to choose a punishment for their peers, it is not as detrimental on the classroom environment. Although I think a downside to this is students may not respect a teacher as much because you are handing over too much control.

Another management tool this site provided was being able to provide different lessons in mixed-level classrooms (tip #16). By doing this, no level of students are being left behind in content or being bored. The lesson is structured to their content level so it will not deter their motivation. Although it is more work as a teacher, in the end you are trying to benefit each of your students so I believe it is worth it in the learner-centered classroom.

What classroom management tip did you find to be most interesting and helpful??



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