Giving Students a Voice in the Classroom

Hello All!

Take a look at this article. It deals with giving children a voice of their own in the classroom through choice. I personally found the section on “Students as Teachers” to be really fascinating. If children are acting with responsibility outside of the classroom by reminding each other about homework, it creates a stronger bond in the classroom. Also by allowing them to help with lessons I think would help with the motivation because they get to choose how their lessons are being portrayed to their classmates. Last week in my education class we spoke a great deal about giving children a voice in the classroom, and I feel this article falls into that category quite well.



One thought on “Giving Students a Voice in the Classroom

  1. I love that teaching now is about compromise. I interviewed a professor not to long ago and she said “elementary education is changing constantly. It is like a swinging pendulum” Its amazing that when we were in school it was the teacher is right and if you cant understand then you need to go home and practice. The teachers job was just to teach. The students job was to understand what the teacher was saying. Now a-days its the teachers job to make sure every student understands the topic, even if they have to teach it 5 different ways. Education is changing by giving students a voice in the classroom. It isnt a power struggle it is just a nice compromise.

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