Teaching Global Awareness with Arts

I found this website that explains how to teach global awareness through different arts and crafts. I remember completing different assignments in art to represent different cultures holidays and how they celebrated their seasons. Not only are teachers applying project-based learning, but also spreading awareness of different backgrounds as well.


Project-Based Learning Workshop Activities

I was able to locate another source from EDUtopia in regards to Project-Based Learning. This page provides different workshop activities for educators to help them better understand how to teach PBL and provides many different case study videos. Lastly, there are professional papers written by different educators sharing their experiences with the teaching style and what benefits there were. The amount of information provided is a little overwhelming, but if viewed piece by piece, it will surely help you in the classroom.

Giving Students a Voice in the Classroom

Hello All!

Take a look at this article. It deals with giving children a voice of their own in the classroom through choice. I personally found the section on “Students as Teachers” to be really fascinating. If children are acting with responsibility outside of the classroom by reminding each other about homework, it creates a stronger bond in the classroom. Also by allowing them to help with lessons I think would help with the motivation because they get to choose how their lessons are being portrayed to their classmates. Last week in my education class we spoke a great deal about giving children a voice in the classroom, and I feel this article falls into that category quite well.