Application is KEY to Understanding!

How many of you have simply memorized information for an exam or quiz and forgotten the information in a weeks time afterwards? This is why application is so key to classroom teaching because it allows for students to be able to use the information in the future because they have actual understanding rather than temporary understanding!! Image


Teaching Global Awareness with Arts

I found this website that explains how to teach global awareness through different arts and crafts. I remember completing different assignments in art to represent different cultures holidays and how they celebrated their seasons. Not only are teachers applying project-based learning, but also spreading awareness of different backgrounds as well.

Project-Based Learning Workshop Activities

I was able to locate another source from EDUtopia in regards to Project-Based Learning. This page provides different workshop activities for educators to help them better understand how to teach PBL and provides many different case study videos. Lastly, there are professional papers written by different educators sharing their experiences with the teaching style and what benefits there were. The amount of information provided is a little overwhelming, but if viewed piece by piece, it will surely help you in the classroom.

Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning

Great page that explains seven different essentials for teaching Project-Based Learning!

1. A Need to Know
2. A Driving Question
3. Student Voice and Choice
4. 21st Century Skills
5. Inquiry and Innovation
6. Feedback and Revision
7. A Publicly Presented Product

Digital Portfolio for Students

One of my classmates posted this article. I think a student portfolio is such a great idea for any classroom. Not only is it a choice-rich project based on the fact that the students get to choose what goes into their portfolio, but it is long term. It allows children to look at their overall growth as a student in a years time and that can be very motivating for any child! Also it allows students to remember important information they learned because they can relate it back to a project they took part in. Great article. Thanks for posting it!

Routine Board


By supplying a set of classroom routines, it shows students what they need to complete when they arrive in the morning. By simply listing them instead of writing them as direction, a student will be able to select in which order they will complete each task. If students are directed to complete tasks in a specific order it only causes confusion. By allowing my students to identify a routine that works best for them, not only is it providing choice, but also keeping order.